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Aug 14, 2011 8:00am EDT
looks. we will talk to steve king, who is an influential tea party congressman from iowa and get his take on what happened. i will talk to a couple colleagues and the wall street post. >> it was all about iowa, and so many eyes and cameras were on texas, and governor rick perry. he played this thing pretty brilliantly. >> sure. i mean, one of the oldest tricks in the political campaign book is if you can't make a headline yourself that day, get in on somebody else's headline, or their dateline. and that's exactly what rick perry did. this was not, you know, a long plan and then suddenly they looked and said that's the same day as the straw poll. the question is, did that hurt him here in iowa, and steve king will say that does hurt him, and people think he tried to take a limelight away, which he did. there's a long time between now and the iowa caucuses. i don't think it hurts him in the long run, but maybe in the short run people are grumble about it, and he saw the advantage and he took it. >> we're looking forward to seeing you in 14 minutes, "state of the union." michele bachman
Aug 7, 2011 8:00am EDT
this weekend. the s&p downgrade, you will talk about this with steve forbes, right? >> yes, with steve foernz, as you know is ahead of forbes inc., and we will talk to larry summers who used to be the top economic adviser for president obama, and ask them what it all means. over the weekend i spoke to a couple of folks at the white house and they are angry at s&p. i mean, it is -- it's quite obvious. they think in the administration that s&p did this to make a name for itself, to get itself in the headlines. you hear terms like getting their 15 minutes of fame. it's a vanity walk. we will bring these two guys in and say what does it mean, and what do you think is behind it. what does it mean to you and me and the markets, and that kind of thing. we also talked to california governor, jerry brown, because he has a state hard to wrestle to the ground, and we'll get his perspective on washington that is really interesting, and we will talk about the cyber space attacks and the idea that you china, perhaps, has been hacking into u.s. government systems as well as into the big systems of co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2